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  • “Megan and her team are exemplary to work with and will go above and beyond to make sure your rental needs are taken care of. We were nervous to scout out a good management company and Tide has got to be the best. 10/10 recommend!”

    Rod M
  • “Kelly and her team at tide property have been incredible and efficient with our rental property. We are excited to be moving in this coming week. My wife and recommend them for all your rental needs.”

    Michael C.
  • “Tide property management has to be the best company I’ve dealt with since I began renting. Their response times are unmatched, maintenance turn around times feel instant, and their patience and considerations on matters like service dogs and discrepancies made me feel heard and more than welcomed! If you are looking rent, buy, anything real estate related in the Charleston, Sc area, Tide Property Management Co should be your only option. If you are lucky enough to get Pierce Fryga, thank him for his service, and then enjoy having your needs met.”

    Noel C.
  • “I have absolutely loved renting with them, the staff actually care about their residents not just when youre signing the lease. We worked with Kelly and she was beyond amazing and SO nice, super helpful and literally answered all of our questions (we had a lot lol). Definitely recommend to anyone looking!!”

    Courtney S.
  • “Tide Property Management has been phenomenal to work with. Since signing with Tide, my property vacancy rate has been much lower than before, and renter churn has almost ceased. Tide's services have catered to my tenants needs. Their response times have been unmatched. At lease renewal, I don't have to worry about price negotiations. Tide has been nothing but a value add for my rental business.”

    Austin M.
  • “Tide property management is a great company. Very responsive and is there to help you with your needs and make your life easier.”

    Leah L.
  • “Megan has been a great property manager to work with! Her communication & capability to get things done is awesome. If you’re looking for a property manager in the Charleston area, Megan is definitely who you want.”

    Tyler W.
  • “Kelly and Pierce have been amazing to work with. We ran into a few hiccups when moving in but they have been responsive and working diligently to make sure everything is being taken care of. Kelly has been the sweetest during this whole process!”

    Carrie B.
  • “Kelly took a second look at my application and allowed me to explain my situation..both herself and Megan were great through the whole process. I really appreciate the moment they took out their day just to make sure all was going ok. Definitely highly recommended in my book.”

    Niesha W.
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    Jane Doe 6
  • “Amazing time, who would have thought! Very comfortable area and office staff is fantastic, Kelly was great to work with! Easy, smooth sailing process! Highly recommend.”

    Rebekah M.
  • “Thank you guys so much! We love renting for you guys, Kelly has made it a great experience, convenient and moving here with my new job has been tuff, her attitude makes me feel hopeful for the new adventures! Thank you Kelly and team! Highly recommend renting.”

    Nick H.
  • “I have been with Tide Property Management since December of last year... my neighborhood is nice and quiet, this is a good company to rent from”

    Teresa W.
  • “The team at TidePM is courteous, professional, and efficient. I highly recommend them whether you are a tenant looking for a home or an owner wanting to rent your property.”

    Angie L.
  • “I highly recommend Tide Property Management to anyone in the Charleston area that is looking for a company that will cater to your property management needs. Pierce and his team are wonderful!”

    Paola P.
  • “The team at Tide Property Management is such a pleasure to work with. They are very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend them.”

    Robert D.