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Manage Your Rental Properties Like a Pro

Are you exhausted from managing the bookkeeping tasks associated with your rental properties? Today, I’ll discuss the myriad benefits a property management company can provide in handling the backend services linked to rental properties.

First and foremost is financial management, a substantial responsibility for rental property owners. Ensuring timely receipt of monthly statements and offering an owner portal for real-time rent roll access are services we provide. This not only aids in day-to-day management but also proves invaluable for annual tax considerations and potential refinancing.

“We offer unique bookkeeping services, so you know your finances are in good hands. ”

Next is the meticulous upkeep of your units. This involves securing market-appropriate rents, ensuring leases are current (rather than expired a decade ago, as we’ve encountered), and maintaining accurate records for all associated unit expenses, including utilities like electricity, water, and trash collection.

The third aspect is legal compliance, a critical area that can often become a significant headache for rental owners. Ensuring compliance with local and state laws is crucial, covering aspects such as security deposit management, refunds, notice postings, evictions, and staying abreast of the constantly evolving landlord-tenant laws.

As a property management company, we specialize in handling these responsibilities and would be delighted to discuss the comprehensive bookkeeping services we offer. Feel free to call or email us with any questions. We’d love to hear from you!